FreightWeb provides innovative, user-friendly technologies to improve the efficiency of freight transportation, to help move more freight on fewer trucks.

Innovative Freight Technology


Why Choose FreightWeb?

FreightWeb's physical and software technologies improves efficiency by streamlining trailer loading and load matching and sourcing.  FreightWeb’s products simplify trailer loading, maximize trailer capacity, and automate manual processes to match loads and capacity.


SmartRacks are complemented by SmartTrailers to take on the true meaning of a full truckload.  Our unique patented trailer increases cubic capacity by 10% and loads easily from nose to tail.


Stop stacking pallets - rack them.  SmartRacks allow pallets to sit on adjustable shelves, leading to increased truck capacity by 25% and enhanced freight safety.

Software Solutions

Time is money, earn it back through our Automated Truck Sourcing, Shipping Hub, Carrier Hub and Driver Hub tools. Spend less time monitoring load boards and let the solutions come to you. Our platform provides the option of easy web based interfaces or API integration with your existing solution.

FreightWeb News & Updates

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