Optimize your freight and move fewer trucks

US DOT data shows that any given time, one truck in four is empty and another two trucks in four are mostly empty.  FreightWeb’s SmartTrailers can help. FreightWeb’s patent pending SmartTrailer technology increases usable cubic capacity by 10% relative to a conventional trailer, while enabling efficient forklift loading from nose to tail. More cubic capacity = lower costs per unit of freight and less CO2.


Easy Loading

In contrast to other extra high cube trailers, SmartTrailers are easy to load with a forklift from nose to tail. Loading is made simple by FreightWeb’s patent pending load system which makes loading palletized freight and SmartRacks easy directly into the nose of the trailer. SmartTrailers come standard with a loading system to enable loading freight from floor to ceiling.

Increase Your Trailer Capacity

FreightWeb is partnering with some of the leading global logistics providers and US trailer manufacturers to increase trailer capacity. Higher capacity trailers have been in use in Europe for many years, but have not caught on in the US partly because they are too hard to load. FreightWeb’s patent pending SmartTrailer technology solves this problem by combining greater cubic capacity (+10%) with an easy to load design.

Lower Cost

SmartTrailers increase cubic capacity by 10 percent, when combined with SmartRacks or stackable freight, that translates to money in the bank.

Learn more about how you can begin using FreightWeb SmartTrailers to move your freight.