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Optimize your freight and move fewer trucks

A US DOT analysis of 11,600 tractor-trailers shipping goods found that 3 in 4 trucks are mostly empty by weight. This means most shippers and carriers are not utilizing the full capacity of their trucks. SmartRacks are designed to get you up to 25% more capacity per truck by enabling floor-to-ceiling pallet loads without the risk of damage. SmartRacks have proven results at some of the top global logistics providers. If you are not able to load palletized freight from floor to ceiling due to concerns on stacking or damage, SmartRacks could be the right solution for you.


Increase Your Capacity

FreightWeb’s SmartRack’s are an easy to use, adjustable system that enables stacking up to 3 pallets in the space of a single pallet position without stacking pallets on each other. SmartRacks can be adjusted in a matter of seconds to best fit your freight, enabling you to load palletized freight from floor to ceiling. Better still, SmartRacks can be forklifted on and off trailers while loaded with freight, and can be staged on your dock while loaded. This means SmartRacks can also increase your dock capacity, by reducing the space needed to stage freight, and enabling faster turns for your dock doors.

SmartRacks in Action

A conventionally ‘full’ truck is 180 pallet feet when fully loaded with 72” tall pallets.  A truly full truck, however, can hold two racked pallets totaling 98” high using SmartRacks for 230 pallet feet – a 25% capacity increase! With SmartRacks you can take advantage of space that is typically wasted, increasing freight per truck and reducing costs.

End-to-End Efficiency

SmartRacks are designed for operating efficiency. When not in use, the racks nest and stack to save dock and warehouse space. While in use, the benefits are even more noticeable. Loose or staged pallets stack up to three high. This leads to lower costs, more freight earned per truck and fewer CO2 emissions for the environment. This is the trucking future we envision; helping save your budget, and the planet, one truck at a time.

How to Use SmartRacks

Learn more about how you can begin using FreightWeb SmartRacks to move your freight.