Why the Trucking Industry is Important

Take a moment to look at your surroundings - the food, drinks, furniture and even the lights that allow you to see this atmosphere. There is a good chance (70% chance, actually) that these items went through a chain of operations in order to get to you, and those chains were linked by one major force, the trucking industry.

The trucking industry is responsible for moving 70% of the freight in the United States. It fuses supply with demand; the manufacturer, the one supplying the product, meets the consumer, the one demanding the product. Every day, truckers haul freight to not only meet the needs, but to elevate the lives of society.

Why It Is Important

Trucking is an $800 billion-dollar powerhouse industry in the United States that drives our livelihoods and economy, but what does that really mean?

As mentioned earlier, this industry meets the needs and elevates our lives. Medicine, produce, gasoline, lightbulbs, hardware, wood, fashion, and much more are carried by truck. If the trucking industry was to come to a standstill, it would halt a significant portion of our lives. Construction, hospitals, gas stations, grocery stores, schools, you name it, are directly impacted by the trucking industry’s ability to deliver essential items.

Typically, the oil industry (which is directly linked to transportation) is the first to get hit when a major shift happens in our economy, which eventually trickles over onto the consumer. The oil industry has an inevitable and volatile price fluctuation that expands far past the fuel pump. When oil prices rise, truckers have to adjust their prices to the shipper, which has shippers adjusting the cost of the good, and then ultimately, leads to consumers paying more for the product.

Employment is another major factor. The transportation industry is a booming essential industry with a high demand for workers. 129 million full-time jobs are found in the trucking industry, and that number is only continuing to climb.

What do these 129 million full-time jobs consist of?

3.5 million truck drivers, 17,000 licensed freight brokers, carriers, shippers, customer service representatives, accountants, mechanics, receptionists and much more. In addition, a report published in 2018 showed that 40% of the positions are held by minorities and 6% are held by women.

It is evident that transportation is a key pillar to keep our society moving. At FreightWeb, we recognize the importance of trucking and our team is dedicated to strengthening this industry through our innovative Carrier Hub. FreightWeb is proud to offer our Carrier Optimization Suite with transportation professionals.

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