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Updated: Apr 20

Did you know, that more than half the trucks on the road today are mostly empty?

In this blogpost, we are taking a deeper look at the reasoning for this and how FreightWeb is providing a solution for the transportation industry.

Let's talk about a dry-van trailer, which is basically a giant box on wheels. In most (standard) cases, a dry-van box has external dimensions of 53-feet long, 102-inches wide, and is 9-foot 6-inches high. Interior dimensions vary by van type (swing vs. roll door), and are a bit less. Legally, most dry-vans cannot handle more than 45,000 pounds. The majority of the freight transported on dry-vans is palletized (somewhere around 20% is loose or irregular). This not only protects the freight, but also speeds up the loading and unloading process.

While weight is a constraint, it is equally important to look at cubic utilization. That is to ensure that shipments are not just filling the length, but also the available height and width of a dry-van. To break this down, in a 53-foot long by 102-inches wide dry-van you can fit up to 28 to 30 pallets single stacked. While this may seem like a full truck, there is much more cubic space that can be utilized. Shippers choose to not double stack pallets (which would add 56 to 60 pallets in that same van) due to issues surrounding fragility, irregular pallet builds, safety concerns and load/unloading constraints. From these core concerns, you can start gathering why trucks do not utilize their full capacity and see that shippers are paying to move a half-empty load.

This is where our patented SmartRack system comes in.

The idea is simple: we identified the problem of half-empty trucks and developed a solution. Our SmartRack system can load pallets from floor to ceiling without stacking, keeping loads secure while taking up less space. This system enables the loading of up to three pallets in the space of one.

Want to see this for yourself? Click the link here to see our state of the art SmartRacks in action. Sometimes, the simplest innovations are the ones that can be the most life-changing. We are proud to pair our patented SmartRack technology with our proprietary freight matching and load planning algorithms to optimize the trucking industry. We are now working with leading transportation professionals to make SmartRacks a common industry practice to improve trailer utilization, streamline cross-docks and handling, reduce damages, lower CO2 emissions and to bring a true meaning to a full truckload.

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