Increase Trailer Capacity and Efficiency

At FreightWeb, we are obsessed with finding ways to improve trucking efficiency by moving more freight with fewer trucks. US DOT statistics show that of every four trucks on the highway, at any given time, one is empty and two are loaded to less than 50% of their allowed capacity. With that being said, there are plenty of opportunities to improve efficiency by loading trucks better—and by planning and matching freight more effectively.

One of the ways we’ve worked to improve efficiency is with better physical technology. Some of the top global logistics providers have used SmartRacks to increase the amount of freight they load on a trailer by 10-15%. Another way to increase the amount of freight that can be loaded is by improving trailer designs. In the United States, trailers are generally limited by Federal and State regulations to 53’ long by 102” wide by 13’6” high; though there are some exceptions. These regulations might seem to leave very little room for increasing trailer capacity—but there is more opportunity than you might think.

Extra high cubic capacity trailers are already in use and fairly common in Europe. These trailers combine trailers that have lower floor height to carry more freight with lift systems to raise the trailers to dock height. In the US, these types of trailers haven’t seen nearly as much use, in large part because it’s been too difficult to use a forklift to load the available capacity in the nose of the trailer. At FreightWeb, we love to solve difficult problems with simple innovative solutions—and after a lot of work we’ve come up with a solution to this problem. Our solution combines a bigger, more efficient trailers that can move 10-15% more freight than a conventional high cube trailer, with some changes to enable loading the entire trailer from floor to ceiling with a forklift.

Combining an innovative and simple loading system to load the nose of the trailer with a forklift along with our SmartRacks, was the breakthrough we were looking for. Either used together or separately, our new SmartTrailers and SmartRacks are great ways to move more freight with fewer trucks. We are now working with leading trailer manufacturers and one of the largest global logistics providers to build and prove the SmartTrailer.

If your business would be interested in moving 10-15% more freight per trailer, send us an email to to learn more about what we’re doing at FreightWeb to move more freight with fewer trucks!

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