How Freight Brokers Can Improve Carrier Onboarding

We live in an instant gratification society, however, this “need-it-now” mentality is amplified in the fast-paced transportation industry. The eruptive ups and downs matched with a consistent 24/7 demand may leave professionals scrambling to keep up, and ultimately, grazing over necessary steps for the sake of time and efficiency. This tactic is particularly found in the carrier onboarding process, which is a silent yet critical area in the broker-carrier relationship.

The Why

The go-go-go work mentality is an adrenaline rush that ignites freight brokers to quickly operate in day to day operations. Whether this is an independent agent or with a major brokerage, this trend is very much alive amongst the industry. Brokers heavily encourage their qualifications department to approve and onboard new carriers in order to not lose the load (or in other terms, lose the potential financial gain). Although working seamlessly and promptly is encouraged, zipping through critical procedures may hurt the broker-carrier partnership and/or future freight that is moved. This leads to our next point, ironically enough, that the qualification department and brokers are encouraged to remain cautious during the onboarding process due to the legalities for fraud prevention, identity theft prevention, professional accountability and much more.

The Solution

How does a freight broker walk the fine line of being prompt while remaining cautious and mindful of the situation? The solution is simple: onboard an optimized automation system to earn back time. Time is of the essence, especially in transportation, which is why using technology to their advantage is crucial in streamlining and securing business processes. Let the tedious work, such as onboarding, be successfully completed by fool-proof technology. Paperwork, contracts and insurance can all be sent and verified within minutes and a few clicks of a button, ensuring a prompt turn-around for all parties involved.

We are living in the age of technology, and it shows considering the importance it holds for scaling, building and streamlining a business. The transportation industry has a reputation of lagging on new technical processes, however, systems have been designed to make initial implementation and platform management a smooth experience, regardless of a user’s technical experience. FreightWeb’s new platform, Automated Freight Sourcing, is a direct representation of this. It is the first-ever cross-platform automated solution that is catered to brokers and carriers that simplifies their daily operations, such as onboarding, in order to earn back time. With FreightWeb’s Automated Truck Sourcing, there is less time spent managing loads, options are expanded, and opportunities to create revenue are increased. To begin automating and expanding your business, contact

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