Healthy Fuel Station Foods

In transportation, healthy eating can quickly be placed on the back-burner. The wide variety of chips and candy that fuel stations supply may taunt anyone, however, there are healthier alternatives amongst the aisles that will satisfy your health and your palette.

This provokes the question, why is it important to swap out candy bars for protein bars? Healthy eating replenishes the body with nutrients to maintain a healthier mental and physical state. This will ignite focus and energy for long drives, without feeling bogged down or prompting the desire to reach for an energy drink or coffee. Healthy eating is not limited to green drinks and ginger shots, simple swaps are available in all places (even fuel stations) to replenish freightprofessionals at any time during the day or night.

Fuel Station Dry Goods

Stocking up on dry goods allows one to have snacks later on down the road. The following examples are found in nearly all fuel stations and are an easy snack to eat while on the road:

  • Nuts such as: pistachios, almonds, cashews and walnuts are packed with fiber, protein, vitamins and minerals. There are typically a wide array of seasonings available, such as wasabi and soy sauce, to add an extra punch of flavor. For those that are weary of sodium levels, opt for salt-free nuts to keep the levels in check. Lastly, it is important to note these are higher in calories and fats, so it is important to not overindulge.

  • Bananas are naturally sweet, making them a way to soothe the sweet tooth when it is lingering. They are packed with potassium, aid in digestion and provide a natural source of energy through their natural sugars. Bananas are also low in sodium, another benefit for those watching their blood pressure.

  • Beef jerky (or turkey jerky for those who do not eat red meat) are a low-carb, low-fat, high-protein option for those looking to soothe hunger pains. These are also lower in calories, as one serving is a mere 80 calories and boasts of 11 grams of protein.

  • Protein bars have a section dedicated to a variety of brands and flavors in fuel stations. Protein bars will fill you up, while staying low calorie. These are also inexpensive, ranging around two to three dollars per bar, making it easy to stock up on these. The flavors range from chocolate chip, s’mores, chocolate almond sea salt, and much more; tricking your mind into thinking you are eating a candy bar.

Fuel Station Refrigerated Goods

Many fuel stations have refrigerated food section; this a nice replenisher for hot days in freight or a simple switch-up from dry goods.

  • Hummus is a great plant-based protein that fights inflammation in the body. Most fuel stations have pre-packaged hummus packs; these consist of a single serving of hummus with a serving of pretzels.

  • Cheese sticks have a healthy amount of protein and calcium. These are fun to eat and are the ultimate on-the-go snack. However, this raises the hot topic, do you bite or pull the strings of cheese? See what works for you next time you’re on the run with a cheese craving.

  • Greek yogurt has probiotics to keep the gut healthy, high amounts of calcium and contains protein. It has a thick, creamy and tangy texture that will wake up your senses.

Fuel Station Drinks

This part is the real kicker, for energy drinks and sodas are bombarding the drink section of fuel stations. These drinks may initially quench the thirst, but will ultimately dehydrate the body and mind later on. Inevitably, the most important way to maintain health is through water. Majority of the body is water, so keep it fulfilled by staying hydrated.

If water does not appeal, there are other options to quench the thirst. For example, water infusions have a great taste while hydrating the body. Flavors consist of lemon, berry, lime and much more. In addition, club soda is another great option. It provides the fizz like soda, but without the dire calories and dehydration.

For a true boost of energy, stay away from explosive energy drinks and opt for iced tea. This is a natural form of caffeine, which also hydrates the body and chills the nerves. There are also a variety of flavors for iced tea, such as citrus and berry that adds extra sweetness. It’s important to note, reach for the naturally sweetened teas, as the southern sweet teas are filled with artificial sugars.

At FreightWeb, we are about optimization in all areas for carriers. We understand that optimizing your trucking company is essential, but that also begins with how you feel mentally and physically. Stay tuned, as we are launching more blogs on driver healthy tips and tricks soon!

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