Broker Pain Points

Brokers connect the dots, they are categorized as the middle-man (or middle-woman) in transportation, however, being the fuse for the industry can sometimes spark complications. FreightWeb is dedicated to optimizing all areas of the supply chain, including freight brokers, and to begin providing solutions, it starts with understanding the pain points.

The transportation industry is fast and continuously fluctuates, which makes the freight broker’s time valuable. On top of working in a volatile industry, 50% of their operations rely on manual labor. This only minimizes the time they have in the day, which brings on an array of issues, as described below.

As most phone positions promote, they tell you to smile and dial, treating the number of calls as a means to an end. They hold the belief that more phone time insinuates greater productivity, however, that is not always the case. Miscellaneous dialing, or selling without an established purpose, may lead to poor discussions due to lack of preparation. In addition, prospects may sense this which makes them less likely to close a deal. While hitting the phones is important, the foundation of success stems from creating time to identify the purpose of the call.

Relationships in freight can become hostile due to the high levels of stress. Brokers can view their carrier relationships as temporary, which makes them not want to take the time to fully understand their needs in the business partnership. Building and maintaining a positive relationship is essential because ultimately, they are a direct representative of brokers once they arrive at the facility. This lack of stability creates division between the two parties and in return, can hurt capacity sourcing in dire times.

Lastly, the ability to properly source capacity is vital for brokers, yet is one of the most prevalent pain points in the job. The instability of broker - carrier relationships does not offer security when load opportunities need to be covered. This leads to brokers practicing the post and pray model, which increases risk for their transportation business.

FreightWeb recognizes that time is valuable in the freight industry, which is why our team has revolutionized the practices of freight brokers with our new system, Digital Truck Sourcing. Inefficient labor-intensive processes are a thing of the past; this automated system minimizes manual labor and is effective, easy-to-use, promotes clear communication, enhances transparency and simplifies business operations. In addition, this system welcomes integration with outside transportation platforms, making it the first ever cross-platform solution for brokers and carriers. This system is proven to earn back time while seamlessly streamlining and increasing carrier capacity.

Why work 50% more when you don’t have to? For more information on how to onboard FreightWeb’s Digital Truck Sourcing, please contact

Are you wanting to increase your broker knowledge and business? If so, please connect with our partner, Chris Jolly, #thefreightcoach, who helped us highlight the industry pain points in this blog.

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