Are SmartRacks a Good Fit for You?

There are many ways to increase your freight load per truck and the best approach may be to combine more than one method.

Our SmartRacks can be a great solution for increasing load per truck depending on your freight profile. Several top logistics providers have added SmartRacks to their toolkit of loading solutions to increase their overall loading capability. On a per position basis, SmartRacks can increase load per pallet by 50% or more, for shippers with the right freight profile (explained below). Averaged over an entire trailer of mixed freight, SmartRacks increase average load per trailer by 10 to 15 percent vs customers’ prior approaches.

To tell if SmartRacks are a good fit to improve your operating efficiency, it’s worth understanding how SmartRacks work.

SmartRacks are engineered to efficiently load palletized freight from the floor without stacking, using adjustable height shelves that hold pallets. Each SmartRack takes up one pallet position in the floor of a trailer, but can hold 3 or more pallets vertically.

SmartRacks are most effective for increasing freight loads for shippers that cannot stack their freight from floor-to-ceiling, and have significant air space in the trailer. Key factors that are likely to make SmartRacks a good fit with your freight shipping needs include:

· Palletized freight (including oddly shaped and breakable freight that fits on a standard pallet)

· Constraints on stacking pallets (e.g,, breakable)

· Significant unused air space per trailer

· Regular shipping patterns

If your freight fits this freight profile, SmartRacks can increase load per pallet position by 50% or more in some cases, and can significantly increase average load per trailer.

SmartRacks are a great solution for shippers looking to combine mixed palletized freight, while also limiting stacking and reducing damages. If you’d like to learn more or to pilot test SmartRacks to assess the increase in load average, contact me at for more information.

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