10 Benefits of Working with a Freight Broker

There has been an increase in discussions of minimizing or completely eliminating brokers. While this may seem like it may simplify operations for shippers and carriers, it may actually do the opposite. Freight brokers have a pivotal role in ensuring freight is moved smoothly, which brings us to the ten important reasons why brokers are important to use for shippers and carriers.

  1. They Are a Trustworthy Business Partner: Brokers are not out to do anyone “dirty”, per say. Their business model is to cater to the needs of shippers and carriers in accordance with the agreed upon contract that is signed by both parties before beginning business together. Knowing that there is a contract set in stone allows for clear guidelines and trust in the professional partnership.

  2. They Are Industry Experts: Freight brokers are transportation professionals that have deep knowledge of the industry. In addition, they are typically working alongside a team, ultimately creating a team of professionals to stand behind you for all the complexities that can arise in freight.

  3. They Have a Expansive Network: Building off of being industry experts, they have various connections in transportation. This makes it easier for them to scale and source accordingly for those they do business with.

  4. They Adapt and Understand Real-Time Technology: Brokers deal with an array of technology, as they are dedicated to pivoting to the needs of shippers and carriers. They are well-versed on onboarding new systems and recommending systems that may enhance business processes.

  5. They Are Customer-Service Driven: Their foundation thrives on not only building, but maintaining positive customer relationships. While seamless partnerships are never guaranteed in business, you can count on them keeping you in the loop when the unexpected happens and assisting to correct where they can. When their customers are happy, they are happy.

  6. On-Time Shipments: Brokers do everything in their power to ensure that shipments arrive on time; so you can sit back, relax and focus on other business tasks knowing that your freight will be where it needs to be, when it needs to be.

  7. They Offer Cost Savings: Brokerages, or independent brokers, have financial strategies to benefit all parties in the chain of operations. They have industry connections and power to offer volume discounts, putting the money back into your pocketbook.

  8. They Give You Back Your Time: They are your own shipping department, without the hefty price tag. They allow you to focus on scaling and building your business, while they do the tedious work.

  9. Work with Your Business’ Natural Scalability: All businesses have seasons, and brokers are open to working with your business’ natural influxes.

  10. Everything You Need in One Central Location: This is the premise of working smarter, not harder. They have all you need to fully scale, optimize and streamline your freight in one location.

Now that we listed ways of why freight brokers are important, we would like to highlight how you find a knowledgeable and trustworthy broker to enter a business partnership with.

  1. Search online and read reviews about small, medium and large brokerages and what they have to offer.

  2. Social media is a caveat for professional and casual communication. Using LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram will allow you to meet other shippers, carriers and brokers who are passionate and knowledgeable about the industry like you. Upon meeting someone that you deem as beneficial to work with, send them a direct message to inquire about a possible business partnership.

  3. This is perhaps the best source for finding a broker, which is receiving a personal recommendation from another trusted transportation professional.

At FreightWeb, we take great pride in connecting trusted brokers with carriers and shippers to streamline and optimize freight. To learn more about how you can get started in FreightWeb’s broker operations, please contact will@myfreightweb.com.

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