Who is FreightWeb?

At FreightWeb, we believe technology should be our worry, not yours. We design logistics technology around our customers’ needs, to make the daily work of brokers and carriers easier and more efficient. We believe in simplifying change, and where possible integrate with brokers and carriers existing systems.

Business and Technology Driven

FreightWeb’s patented SmartRacks and patent pending SmartTrailer design increase freight per trailer. We are now working with some of the top global logistics companies to help improve their efficiency.

FreightWeb’s Automated Freight Sourcing transforms the way brokers and carriers work together, by automating sourcing for trucks. For brokers, our system improves productivity, provides more options, and improves quality. For carriers, we provide access to more freight through a fast, easy-to-use process that increases transparency and streamlines operations. The system rewards carriers that provide quality service and reasonable rates with additional bid opportunities.
Our Automated Freight Sourcing platform is designed for integration with other transportation platforms, making it one of the first true cross-platform solutions for brokers and carriers. FreightWeb’s Automated Freight Sourcing is complemented with FreightWeb’s SaaS product, the Carrier Management Hub.  The free system reduces empty miles by helping carriers earn loads—including dynamic load matching for opportunities to match partial truckloads. For small carriers that do not already have a TMS, the Carrier Optimization Suite provides the basics--and is fully integrated with Automated Freight Sourcing to provide access to more freight opportunities.


Mission Driven, Backed by the best

At FreightWeb, our mission is to make trucking easier, more reliable and more efficient by creating great technology that is broadly available. We believe in partnering and open collaborative systems, because the challenges in transportation are too big and too complex for any one company to solve. Connecting and linking great companies is the most effective way to make trucking--and society--better. We are Seattle-based, and are backed by world class investors Madrona Venture Group and 8VC.

Will Payson

CEO & Founder

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I began my career in Logistics at FedEx where I spent 15 years leading quality measurement, transportation science, physical technology innovation and strategic change management for Fred Smith.  My favorite work at FedEx was co-leading the transformation of FedEx’s LTL operations to improve customer choice and transform efficiency.  In 2016, I joined the Amazon Logistics team, where I helped build the world’s largest and most customer centric package delivery operation.  Amazon was an amazing experience growing a delivery operation from a niche player to the largest delivery operation in the world over just a few years—building and implementing great technology and processes along the way.


These 20 years of experience has led me to my latest journey at FreightWeb, where we are helping trucking companies improve efficiency with physical technology and science.  I am excited every day to work with a great team to solve big problems for our customers.  At the end of the day, I’m reminded by my family why making the world better (and lower carbon) matters so much for us all. Life is a gift, as I’m reminded of every day working with amazing people to make a difference.

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